Bananas the key to Supermarket success ?

ImageAre bananas the key to supermarket success?

Apparantly they are the most popular purchased items ( or at least one of the top ones )

Now most of like our “daily banana” at our lunch or to eat through the day.

One thing about the fruit is that they dont stay fresh for too long do they? Probably 3 days in the house will see them at their peak

So what do you need to do if your a banana muncher ?  You have to go back to the supermarket don’t you ?   And do you just buy bananas?  No – I thought not !!

So these bananas have us trekking to our local s/market at least twice and probably 3 times a week

Wonder if we could grow our own ? Image

Ducks and waterfall

Family of ducks gather at waterfall in Buckingham England



Opening your eyes to light

Sheep dogs

Sheep dogs do their stuff at the North Bucks YF show June 1st 2013

Horses on parade

Suffolk horses on parade at the North Bucks Young farmers show

Radio and music in the UK

ImageThis    blog is about the almost complete lack of diversity of the Music you can listen to on the radio in the UK.

The gist of what I’m saying is that of all the millions of recordings of music made, what you can heae on the radio on UK radio stations is extremely limited to say the least.

The commercial stations in particular seem to broadcast nothing but top 40 or ex top 40 and repeat the same tracks time after time after time.

( it can get a little bit better at night time but not much.)

Travel through the country on the motoways and it all seems a monotonous blob with nearly all the stations sounding clones of the other.

I end up playing a CD or just switching off.

Does it need to be like this though?  Why not some Cuban music or dedicated country radio stations ( or whatever “type” you may want ).

At the moment the choice is truly dire ….surely there’s room for more variety rather than more of the same ? 



Quiet thoughts

Quiet thoughts

sometimes its good just to let your mind wander into space, forget yourself and ponder the moment

Darjeeling Loco at leighton Buzzard

The visiting locomotive from the Himlayas does its stuff

Little engine from the Darjeeling railway

Little engine from the Darjeeling railway

This works in the himalayas and was built in Glasgow my home town in 1888/9 – so built to last

Is Technology always progress ?

ImageIs new technology always progress?

This thought has come to me on several occasions in the last few weeks after numerous incidents have came my way.

First and most infuriating was in using my IPod Touch.  My model was released in 2008, so in techie terms now ….well….ancient !!    Apps for the Ipod don’t stay static they are always being updated ….sometimes with genuine improvements, sometimes with alterations which nearly render the thing useless.   Now this is all and good, but when your Ipod itself can’t have its firmware updated, ( with Apple seemingly no longer supporting it ), then the new updated Apps will no longer work on your machine. On a recent sync with I Tunes no less than 29 of my Apps no longer work as they used to, some rendered so that with a click all you get is an instant “crash”.

Am I supposed to go out now and buy a new one ? Is it really “progress” that something only 5 years old has so many useless Apps ?  OK Technology has moved on, but at a price.

Second instance of progress came with a night out to Oxford to see a concert.

At the park and ride we did not have any change for the parking machine ( we thought it was a matter of paying the driver, but found out it was not ). To cut the story short, we ended up travelling into the town centre by car and park there.

On we went into the town centre, it was £11.10 to pay for parking so we tried to use our mobile to pay for the ticket.    After a very frustrating time of “press this number” etc in the end it rejected my perfectly good debit card.  Our “night out” in Oxford was in tatters as we could not purchase a ticket.  Not a human in site to help. Automated.

Was this progress having a system so fallible and ruthless to leave you absolutely frustrated and boiling over with anger ?

The last incident i want to mention is my experience of buying a vintage radio made in Germany in the 1970’s – a Grundig Yacht boy 210.

I’ve never been so pleased with anything Ive bought like the way I was with this for ages – a feeling of real satisfaction.

When I heard the sound this radio produces it knocks the spots off any of my digital and Dab radios. A round “whole” analogue sound which you just dont get with the modern digital sound.

Again it made me wonder has it really been progess to go digital?

I could think of many incidents too at work where updated systems just, first of all, get people confused and then fall into an acceptance of “I suppose its progress”

Wonder where we’ll be in 20 years time? Have chips in our brains ?